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Spiral welded pipe plasma cutting dust treatment(2)
2018-10-26 14:29:13

specific measure:

Install the soot baffle on the trolley inside the welded pipe and place it at the cutting point of the plasma gun about 500mm. After the welded pipe is cut off, it will be absorbed to completely absorb the smoke. Note that the soot baffle needs to be accurately positioned at the position after the cut. In addition, in order to match the rotation of the accompanying trolley and the welded pipe supporting the soot baffle, the angle of the running wheel of the accompanying trolley must be consistent with the angle of the inner roller.

For plasma cutting of large diameter spiral welded pipe with a diameter of about 800 mm, this method can be used; for diameters less than 800 mm, the small diameter of the pipe can not emerge from the direction of the pipe, and it is not necessary to install an internal baffle. However, at the suction inlet of the former, there must be an external baffle that blocks the entry of cold air.

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