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The characteristics of stainless steel welded pipe materials in use
2019-03-25 11:48:37

For stainless steel welded pipe materials, this material is used in many industries in many aspects of life. It can be said that stainless steel pipe materials can be seen in the family life and even in engineering applications. The stainless steel industrial welded pipe material also exerts its special effective performance during use.

1. Excellent corrosion resistance, stainless steel industrial welded pipe material has good corrosion resistance. There is a thin protective film on the surface of the stainless steel tube, the protective film is about 3-6 mm, and the film layer is relatively tough. Even if the protective film is damaged, it can effectively prevent further oxidation by oxidation. Produce rust. Knowing the characteristics of stainless steel tubes and achieving proper use can work effectively. In the case of water or 100 ° C hot water and other less corrosive conditions, the stainless steel tube hardly rusts, so there is no need to worry that the internal diameter of the galvanized steel becomes smaller due to rust, etc., and the resistance received becomes larger. Happening.

2, stainless steel industrial welded pipe light surface is not easy to contaminate dust and other dirt, easy to clean and wipe. Therefore, it has a relatively reliable sanitary condition. And its characteristic effect also shows that it does not need to worry about the appearance of red water, green water and so on.

3, stainless steel welded pipe is light in weight, easy to handle, construction and processing improvement, such performance can effectively reduce production and production costs.

4, stainless steel industrial welded pipe has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, only about one-third of the thickness of galvanized steel. So many lightweight tubes also reduce production costs, making operation easier and more convenient.

5. Introducing non-distorting: In the construction site, due to the limitation of construction space on the site, construction tools, construction workers often use the effective plasticity of stainless steel industrial welded pipes to carry out operations rather than using regular operation methods. Therefore, for the stainless steel pipe material, it is necessary to consider whether there is a distortion between the pipe and the pipe joint.

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